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Thank you very mulch…

Just when I thought I’d make a blogging comeback, yet another camera has died. So my apologies for the lack of photos of utterly riveting recent events like… Home brewing engineer-style (it’s precise, it’s methodical, it’s taking off) The long-awaited … Continue reading

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Poo power

The vegies have sprouted at child care! Three pots of beans, three pots of cucumbers and a few pumpkins in between have reared their brave little heads. The geranium and pigface cuttings are surviving in spite of many little feet … Continue reading

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We wanna we wanna we wanna wee!

…”If you don’t stop for us, we’ll do it on the bus!” went the chant on the old school bus. Well, we wanna bit of worm wee! And worm poo for that matter. So I got to work and emptied … Continue reading

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Turning out the worms

Once upon a time, a long time ago in a house far from here, we started a worm farm. We bought a little tub of worms and a black plastic stacker system, and duly fed and watered our babies. All … Continue reading

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