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Thank you very mulch…

Just when I thought I’d make a blogging comeback, yet another camera has died. So my apologies for the lack of photos of utterly riveting recent events like… Home brewing engineer-style (it’s precise, it’s methodical, it’s taking off) The long-awaited … Continue reading

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Life beyond Pizza

Yes, there is! Amazing, eh? Of course, it still includes the pizza oven. Here’s how… POACHED QUINCES Apparently quinces have a short season. And hardly anyone grows them any more. So I was impressed when both my Mum (who doesn’t … Continue reading

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Pizza oven leftovers

Not another recipe! Yep. ┬áThis one marks the christening of The Casserole Pot, a wonderful new op-shop gift from friends to celebrate the commissioning of the pizza oven. This afternoon we had a lot of vegies left over after a … Continue reading

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Spicy New Year

Happy New Year – a bit belatedly. It has been an incredibly productive summer break – not at all the down time we had planned, but satisfying all the same. Commissioning the pizza oven was the chief highlight, of course. … Continue reading

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You can’t eat lawn

Been pondering the whole experience of front yard food gardening. Living in your front yard at all is still a bit ‘not done’ in Adelaide, the land of sheer curtains, roller doors and roller shutters. We like our privacy, it … Continue reading

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