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Thank you very mulch…

Just when I thought I’d make a blogging comeback, yet another camera has died. So my apologies for the lack of photos of utterly riveting recent events like… Home brewing engineer-style (it’s precise, it’s methodical, it’s taking off) The long-awaited … Continue reading

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Life beyond Pizza

Yes, there is! Amazing, eh? Of course, it still includes the pizza oven. Here’s how… POACHED QUINCES Apparently quinces have a short season. And hardly anyone grows them any more. So I was impressed when both my Mum (who doesn’t … Continue reading

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Aw maw Gawd…

… it’s been a while since I contributed anything here. Not that there hasn’t been any action to report! Here goes… FRUIT & VEG GARDEN’S AUTUMN TRANSITION Summer tapered off gently in Adelaide. We worked our way through peaches and … Continue reading

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The dinner of winners

It’s apricot season! The lorikeets are squawking indignantly from the gum tree across the road now that the tree is netted, and for some reason various neighbours are ‘just dropping by’ for longer and longer chats… I’m not sure the … Continue reading

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What could be more soothing than waking in the morning to the sound of soft rain on the roof and the garden ( … and the thought of the trees with their ripening fruit and the newly planted bean seeds gratefully … Continue reading

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Turning out the worms

Once upon a time, a long time ago in a house far from here, we started a worm farm. We bought a little tub of worms and a black plastic stacker system, and duly fed and watered our babies. All … Continue reading

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