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First honey extraction

Our beekeeping journey started 5 months ago when a nice fellow from the Beekeepers Society of SA delivered a nucleus hive of bees to our brand new hive box. It was a swarm he had collected some months ago and … Continue reading

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Pollen panniers

We are now just over a week into our beekeeping journey. Overall, we’re surprised how comfortable we are co-existing with bees in our garden. Bees just do their own thing and don’t seem to readily become aggressive – even when … Continue reading

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Yesterday we took delivery of our long awaited and eagerly anticipated bees. After initially aiming to get a nucleus hive of Ligurian bees from Kangaroo Island, we ended up getting a local swarm collected several months ago by Peter from … Continue reading

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Me druthers

Wish I could spend all week in the garden! Here’s what I’d do (in no particular order)… Shift a compost bin so that its contents can cheer up a feijoa tree that was transplanted a few months ago and has … Continue reading

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Thank you very mulch…

Just when I thought I’d make a blogging comeback, yet another camera has died. So my apologies for the lack of photos of utterly riveting recent events like… Home brewing engineer-style (it’s precise, it’s methodical, it’s taking off) The long-awaited … Continue reading

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Filling the cavities

While we’re on the topic of energy efficiency and retrofitting … another really worthwhile thing we’ve done is insulate our wall cavities.  Our house is one of the early brick veneer houses constructed in Adelaide. It has a brick on … Continue reading

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It’s a great SolaMate day

A couple of years ago we saw a New Inventors segment on the SolaMate, a new solar air heater designed by a chap in Melbourne. There are other solar air heaters on the market, but they look boxy and ugly. … Continue reading

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