Yesterday we took delivery of our long awaited and eagerly anticipated bees. After initially aiming to get a nucleus hive of Ligurian bees from Kangaroo Island, we ended up getting a local swarm collected several months ago by Peter from the Beekeepers Society.

Bees entering the hive

We’ve been interested in bees for a while, primarily for increased pollination in our garden but also for the honey. In winter, when we eat porridge virtually every day, we eat about a kilogram of honey a fortnight. Having our own supply of honey will be wonderful. We might even sell surplus honey at local markets.

Ben was absolutely fearless around the bees. Mostly because he hasn’t experienced the pain of a bee sting, but also presumably because of the protection from his full body bee suit.

Ben observing the bees close up

We visit our new bee hive many times per day to observe the bees going about their business. They are fascinating creatures, and they are going to be an important part of our permaculture journey.

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