Me druthers

Wish I could spend all week in the garden! Here’s what I’d do (in no particular order)…

  • Shift a compost bin so that its contents can cheer up a feijoa tree that was transplanted a few months ago and has been a bit mopey about it.
  • Plant a mandarin tree where the compost bin is now.
  • Spread a lot of compost and manure under all the fruit trees, and top it with lucerne hay.
  • Add a bit of potash for the fruit trees.
  • Get over my mental block about spraying, and do a bit of targeted organic pest management.
  • Plant some more summer seed in punnets – chillies, eggplant (Rosa Bianca and Long Purple this time for a change from Black Beauty), butternut and golden nugget pumpkins, Roma tomatoes, basil, lettuce (it hasn’t done well direct in the soil this time – must have dried out here and there), capsicum (Purple Beauty), broccoli, radish, squash.
  • Plant some sweetcorn in a block direct in the garden.
  • Weed the verge garden – it doesn’t need much work now that native shrubs and groundcovers have filled most of it, but it gets a messy little grassy fringe just as all the flowers are looking their best (pink and cream pigface, blue flag flowers, hot pink geraniums, heirloom sweet peas in two-tone crimson and deep purple)
  • Treat everything to a drink of worm wee !
  • Tidy up around Andrew’s espaliered apple trees so that he can reach them for a nip and tuck.
  • Transform the backyard winter garden beds into summer ones… gradually out with the greens and in with the climbing tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, eggplant, capsicums, chillies, rockmelon, watermelon, honeydew. Need to erect some trellis on the fences first, and feed that soil!!
  • Hill up the potatoes.
  • Stop now and then to celebrate the start of daylight saving with a sundowner on the porch.
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