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Rise of the pizza oven

Since helping friends to build a pizza oven on their bush block several years ago, we’ve wanted a pizza oven of our own. Pizza is a regular favourite in our household, we aspire to become regular bread bakers, and frankly … Continue reading

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You can’t eat lawn

Been pondering the whole experience of front yard food gardening. Living in your front yard at all is still a bit ‘not done’ in Adelaide, the land of sheer curtains, roller doors and roller shutters. We like our privacy, it … Continue reading

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The dinner of winners

It’s apricot season! The lorikeets are squawking indignantly from the gum tree across the road now that the tree is netted, and for some reason various neighbours are ‘just dropping by’ for longer and longer chats… I’m not sure the … Continue reading

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What could be more soothing than waking in the morning to the sound of soft rain on the roof and the garden ( … and the thought of the trees with their ripening fruit and the newly planted bean seeds gratefully … Continue reading

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