The Good Neighbours

Yee-ha! It’s been a day of real progress out there in the hot, parched backyard. Any day that begins with borrowing a neighbour’s trailer promises to be a winner, and this one didn’t let us down. First we piled it high with the junk we really couldn’t recycle and Andrew took it to the dump. Then he and the munchkin headed off to collect the eagerly awaited pizza oven kit (more on this – and why we decided to use a kit rather than building from scratch – in an upcoming post) while I put the last of the framework for the backyard raised garden beds in place. And finally, with the kind help of another neighbour who stopped by to find out what that strange thing on the trailer was, the kit was transferred, piece by lumbering piece, onto the slab where it is to spend the rest of its days producing mouth-watering home-made pizza and other delicacies.

All this while surviving one of the biggest toddler temper tantrums of all time (where “But I want to help Daddy with the circular saw” lasted for about 45 minutes with the full waterworks and fireworks alternating in quick succession).

We surely earnt our evening ride to the beach for fish’n’chips and ice creams. And as I listen to the quiet, steady breathing of a beautiful husband and son snuggled up together in post-story bliss, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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