Excavator fears ‘swamp’

Tomorrow was to have been the first day of our new sewer. Not that it would make any appreciable difference in life, at least immediately, but we would sleep better at night knowing that the new paving (to be laid in the next few weeks) should not have to be torn up again any time soon to replace the sewer, which is 60 years old and probably just fertilising the dreaded backyard kikuyu rather than actually carrying anything away.

But ’twas not to be. The excavating/plumbing contractor has backed out, fearing that the showers forecast for tomorrow will turn the backyard into a ‘swamp’. Oddly enough, it was just last night that I was asked to tell a certain toddler a bedtime story “about a digger that got stuck in the mud – pleeeese!”. I obliged, and look what I got! Hmm. No more fire engine bedtime stories in this house…

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